Burke’s Garden Television Service

Television Pricing

Service will be available as the fiber network is extended to you.
Record, Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause Live TV and more! Try a BGTCO Personal Video Recorder today for only $14.90 a month.
 PRV recording/storage: Standard Definition:178hrs High Definition: 44hrs
Crest — $80.60*
Nearly 200 of the most popular programming channels with music and movies
Signature — $63.65*
Over 180 of the nation’s most requested programming channels plus music
Basic — $21.95

Spanish – $4.95

TV install includes one “standard” Set Top Box free with any plan selection. A second, or more, would lease for $4.95 per month. The DVR set top box is not included in the standard install. The DVR box rental is $14.90. If a second (or more) DVR set top box(s) are required, it will lease for $9.95 per month.

After initial installation if at a later late addition TV(s) are requested to be installed/or moved the following charges will apply:                          IPTV(standard install (hardwire) if  applicable to one TV= $90.00

              IPTV hardwire if applicable (install additional TV(s)= $50.00

            IPTV  install( power line carrier) if applicable= $50.00

* All rates exclude applicable taxes, surcharges and franchise fees. All programming and rates are subject to change without notice. Offers and services are subject to prior credit approval. Activation, installation and /or first month payment may be required. Other restrictions may apply. Surge protection of your AC and telephone line is strongly recommended. Digital phone is not a lifeline service; therefore, operation may be interrupted due to power outage or other natural disasters. Standard install to one location included; contact Burke’s Garden Telephone for additional and full Terms and Conditions.

Premium Movie Pricing & Lineup

When sold separately

Showtime/Flix— $14.95 effective 05/01/2016
Showtime Women East 538
Showtime Beyond 537
Showtime East 530
Showtime Extreme 532
Showtime Family 533
Showtime Next 534
Showtime Too 536
Movie Channel East 520
Movie Channel Extra  552FLIX 442
HBO — $18.45
HBO Latino 425
HBO 510
HBO2 511
HBO Family 512
HBO Signature 513
HBO Zone 514
HBO Comedy 515
Cinemax — $14.95
Cinemax East 501
Cinemax West 502
MoreMax 503
5StarMax 504
ThrillerMax 505
Wmax 506
ActionMax 507
@Max 508
Outer Max 509
Starz /Encore— $13.95 effective 5/01/2016
Starz! East 550
Starz! West 551
Starz! in Black 552
Starz! Cinema 553
Starz! Kids & Family 554
Starz! Edge 555

Starz HD 485

Encore Action 480

Encore Drama 483

Encore East 486

Encore Love Stories 481

Encore Mysery 482

Encore Pacific 487

Encore WAM! 484

Encore Westerns 485

Click links below and see how to program remote control, remote control functions, and set top box user guide.

Amino Remote Control User Guide with TV codes

Amino Set Top Box User Guide 2

In addition, TV customers with Internet service get the benefit of WatchTVEverywhere. This service gives you to ability to watch your subscribed TV programming from ANYWHERE there is an Internet connection, ANYTIME you wish.

 WatchTVEverywhere with your subscribed package:  Premium Movies Available by TVE: To register and watch TVEverywhere visit https://www.watchtveverywhere.com/ to get started!

    1. Select Citizens Cablevision – Floyd, VA as the provider from the drop down list
    2. Enter your main account number from your bill
    3. Enter your name as it appears on your bill
    4. Enter the verification code (just retype code in box. to right of Enter)
    5. Complete the remaining info and submit.

(Each customer is permitted up to 4 simultaneous log-ins)If you need assistance, just give us a call. We will be glad to help.


ESPN3 available for our TV customers,  viewed only on computer, need to go online and register at ESPN3.com.           Call our office for details.                                                                                                       

Whole House DVR service available for our TV customers, if you have a DVR recorder and want to subscribe to the service call the office. Service is Free.