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BGTCO TV CUSTOMERS ONLY: Effective February 1, 2019

Each year when Burke’s Garden Telephone Company receives price increases from the television programmers, we try to minimize the amount of the increase we have to pass along to our customers. Unfortunately, some programmers require that we carry the ‘fluff’ and it is an all or none offer.

As your television provider, we are subjected to ridiculous price increases charged by the local channel providers (ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX)! Since 2015 the local channels have increased the rates they charge us by over 228%. That is not a typo!! Just imagine if other products and services were able to increase prices by this much.

Regrettably, we have to pass along a portion of this cost to you, our subscribers. Beginning with your February 1, 2019 invoice, The Local Broadcast Access Fee will increase by $3.00. With a yearly increase likely will continue as we renew our Retransmission Agreements with the Local Broadcast Stations, with the increases that we have no control over.

We are committed to YOU. We won’t lure you into ‘introductory’ pricing only to raise it later. We do not hide fees, we do not require you to purchase equipment, and we do not charge for TV service calls should you experience a problem resulting from our service not working properly.

We have seriously considered dropping the local channels. This would mean that our customers would have to install off-air antennas and wire their homes with coax cable. In addition, many of our customers can’t even receive the local channels using an antenna. So, we will continue to carry the local channels for a while longer.

It’s frustrating to you and it is very frustrating for us. However, as always, Burke’s Garden Telephone Company is committed to offering fair, honest pricing, and delivering the best quality products and services to YOU, our loyal customers. If you have any questions, call the office with any concerns that you may have.



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The Weather Station for Burke’s Garden is now in service on our BGTCO home page. CLICK on the “WEATHER STATION”  see dropdown for  “WEATHER SUMMARY” button! 

 Burke’s Garden Telephone Company does participate in the USAC “Low income & Lifeline Support Programs. To learn more call 472-2345.  You may also visit the USAC site www.lifelinesupport.org or go to the about us page, see the link under terms and conditions: to learn more about the program and who qualifies.