May 12th, 2022


        EFFECTIVE 12/31/2022

TV customers should receive by mail this notice also: It was mailed out on 5/16/2022

Burke’s Garden Telephone Company is dedicated to providing quality communications and entertainment services.

Since we began providing TV service in 2013, we have done our best to provide this service. We now regret to inform our TV customers that we have received official notice from Citizens Coop, who provides this service to us, Effective 12/31/2022 they will be discontinuing TV services to Burke’s Garden Telephone Co.

Citizens is going to internet streaming. This is in part due to continued rising cost of cable TV services, equipment maintenance and local broadcast “Retransmission” cost increases, as well as other factors.

Customers are opting to use streaming services via the internet and cutting cable services. This is due to rising TV costs and internet streaming affordability.

Internet streaming services have come a long way and there are many to choose from. Some internet streaming services like HULU Live, YouTube TV, Direct TV stream, Philo, Fubo (and many others) offer local channels with their subscriptions. There are other streaming services that exclude local stations which may mean a lower cost as well. Internet streaming services require internet service, a smart TV (or) a streaming device. Example a Roku streaming device or Amazon Fire stick (there maybe others).

There is a website ( ) that you can use by entering in your zip code and answering a few questions and this website can give you some guidance of the internet streaming services available. For those who wish not to stream using the internet there are Satellite services such as Dish Network and DirecTV direct or others to choose from.

Please call the office with any questions you may have, and we can do our best to give guidance to this upcoming change of the TV discontinuation and the choices you have.

Thank you for allowing us to be your telecommunications service provider. If we can be of assistance, please contact our office at 472-2345.

NOTE: Depending on internet usage: Additional streaming and more devices connected may increase your broadband internet usage. In some cases, your usage(speed) may need to be increased accordingly.

Attention All Customers!  See the video below Cyber Security. Video is about email, phishing, and internet usage protections and information that may help protect you. It is very informative!

Permissive 10 Digit Dialing Notice

Call BEFORE You Dig!

Virginia law holds the customer responsible for damage to underground cable (electric and telephone) if you have not contacted VA811 to mark the location of their underground lines before digging.

1-800-552-7001 or Dial 811

VA 811 webpage link

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Dear Burke’ Garden Telephone Company COVID-19 Customer Notice  

First, let us say, we at Burke’s Garden Telephone Company value you and your business. It is our desire to continue to provide Telephone and Broadband service to which you have become accustomed. Our first concern is the health and safety of you, our customers, and our employees. We are also striving to keep our telecommunication system performing at its peak. We are aware that many are working, and schooling, from home. We have also seen a greater demand on the system as a result of those usages and the greater demand as you use of the various Streaming Services. We are monitoring usage to remaining ahead of demand.

We are needing to make several changes to our operation as we follow the “Guidelines” and use the best resources at our disposal.

As a result, we are making the following changes:
Please call the office (276-472-2345) and request an appointment for “in office” needs such as sending and receiving Faxes, etc.

Paying Bills and Billing Questions:
You may use either the US Mail, our US Mailbox at our office, or the Drop Box on the office door to pay bills. If you have Billing questions, please call 276-472-2345 and someone will assist you, or you may leave a Voicemail and we will respond as soon as possible.

We will continue to provide Repair Services. You may call the office (276-472-2121) and request repairs. If no one is available to take your call, leave a Voicemail. We will return your call as soon as possible.

In order to make those repairs our employees will not be entering your home without using precautionary measures. Most repairs can be done via our “Fiber Maintenance System”. At times we may need to enter your property to access outside telephone equipment and perform diagnostics and/or repairs.  If it is determined that equipment in your home needs replacement or rebooting, we will, if needed via telephone or email, contact you and walk you thru the replacement or rebooting. Also, our employees, if working on your property, may make certain request to maintain safe distances from others and a safer working environment.

 Should you experience financial hardships due to the Coronavirus impact and need assistance, please give us a call (276-472-2345) and we will work with you to find solutions.

Also: Please do not call the office requesting an appointment if you are sick, having flu like symptoms or know that you have been exposed to the Covid-19 Virus. You also should not call the office requesting an appointment for someone else in your immediate household who may not be displaying symptoms, at that time, of the illness you are experiencing. Remember we have a very limited number of employees, we cannot afford to lose services of any of our valued employees, doing so will cause further delays of installations, services, and repairs. 03/24/22