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Important Notice About Your Burke’s Garden TV Service Effective OCTOBER 1st, 2019 

Burke’s Garden Tel Co. is committed to meeting our mission of providing you with quality service, excellent support, and advanced technology. 

We have made available the Crest, Signature, and Basic TV packages since 2016 without any increases in package cost. Each year since 2016 our program and rebroadcast fees have increased significantly and have been absorbed by BGTCO. The rate increases below are necessary to recover part of these ever-increasing annual costs.  

We are dedicated to keeping your service rate as low as possible and we appreciate your understanding and loyalty.  

Effective with the October 1, 2019 invoice the following increase will be as follows: 

Crest Package will increase to $80.60 monthly

Signature Package will increase to $63.65 monthly

Basic Package will increase to $21.95 monthly 

 Burke’s Garden is also committed to technology improvements! High Definition Channels have been added to our Crest and Signature packages effective 9/3/2019, this was only available to us because we have Fiber Subscribers!!!! See the list below of added HD channels!  

Also added to the Crest and Signature Package is the ACC Network Channel, channel #144 and #752.  

Crest 858 FYI HD
Crest & Signature 862 NBA HD
Crest & Signature 864 Sportsman HD
Crest 880 Ovation HD
Crest 863 MAV HD
Crest 828 DIY HD
Crest & Signature 835 Cooking HD
Crest 827 Great Am Country HD
Crest 867 Discovery Life
Crest 866 Discovery AHC
Crest, Signature, Adv 820 CMT HD
Crest, Signature, Adv 815 MTV HD
Crest, Signature, Adv 870 Paramount HD
Premium HBO Package 810 HBO
Premium HBO Package 811 HBO 2
Premium HBO Package 812 HBO Family
Premium HBO Package 813 HBO Signature
Premium HBO Package 814 HBO Zone
Premium HBO Package 815 HBO Comedy
Premium HBO Package 825 HBO Latino
Premium Cinemax Package 801 Cinemax
Premium Cinemax Package 802 Cinemax West
Premium Cinemax Package 803 More MAX
Premium Cinemax Package 804 5StarMAX
Premium Cinemax Package 805 Thriller MAX
Premium Cinemax Package 806 Movie MAX
Premium Cinemax Package 807 Action MAX
Premium Cinemax Package 809 OuterMAX
Premium Cinemax Package 826 MAX Latino
Premium Starz/Encore 847 Encore W
Premium Starz/Encore 851 Starz West
Premium Starz/Encore 853 Starz Cinema
Premium Starz/Encore 855 Starz Edge
Premium Starz/Encore 856 Starz Comedy
Premium Starz/Encore 880 Encore Action
Premium Starz/Encore 881 Encore Classic
Premium Starz/Encore 882 Encore Suspense
Premium Starz/Encore 883 Encore Black
Premium Starz/Encore 884 Encore Family
Premium Starz/Encore 885 Encore Westerns
Premium Starz/Encore 886 Encore
Premium Starz/Encore 887 Encore Espanol

 To view the latest channel lineup visit our website http://bgtco.net and click on the Television tab. 

Again, we want to thank you for being a loyal customer. We will continue to provide you with the best quality service available. 


Burke’s Garden Telephone Co. Inc


 Any requests to add info to bulletin board can be sent to: bulletinboard@bgtco.net  


The Weather Station for Burke’s Garden is now in service on our BGTCO home page. CLICK on the “WEATHER STATION”  see dropdown for  “WEATHER SUMMARY” button! 

 Burke’s Garden Telephone Company does participate in the USAC “Low income & Lifeline Support Programs. To learn more call 472-2345.  You may also visit the USAC site www.lifelinesupport.org or go to the about us page, see the link under terms and conditions: to learn more about the program and who qualifies.