Attention All Customers!  See the video below Cyber Security. Video is about email, phishing, and internet usage protections and information that may help protect you. It is very informative!

Attention Burkes Garden Email customers:

Just want you to be aware of any emails that you receive that say it is from Burkes Garden Telephone Company, or, that asks you for any personal information or asks you to click on any links to confirm information, or to update your account is spam! Also, any emails that claims you missed a call and has a link of a recorded voicemail.  Please do not open any links or give out any personal information, just delete the email. It is not from us. Burkes Garden Telephone will not ask you to confirm any personal information, click on any links, or to update your account through an email. We will contact you by phone and or send an email, asking you to call the office if anything is needing to be updated or issues with your account.

Permissive 10 Digit Dialing Notice

Call BEFORE You Dig!

Virginia law holds the customer responsible for damage to underground cable (electric and telephone) if you have not contacted VA811 to mark the location of their underground lines before digging.

1-800-552-7001 or Dial 811

VA 811 webpage link

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Burke’s Garden Telephone Company, Inc is an (ETC) Eligible Telecommunications carrier and as such, Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) support is received.