Burke’s Garden Telephone Service

Basic Service

Burke’s Garden only RTP 0

$15.45  residential service

$6.50 Access line charge

Total= $21.95/month

Community Plus

Burke’s Garden & Tazewell only RTP 1

$15.45 residential service

$4.00 Community Plus Plan

$6.50 Access line charge

Total= $25.95/month

Extended Area

Burke’s Garden & Tazewell Co. RTP 2

$15.45 residential service

$7.30 Premium Calling plan

$6.50 Access line charge

Total= $29.25/month

NOTE: Local rates do not include taxes or surcharges that are mandated by federal, state and local tariffs and laws which may include:

VDOT: $1.26 : rate effective 7-1-2023

ARC( Access Recovery Charge) $3.00 for Basic and Community Plus Plans: rate effective 7/1/2017

E911: $.75

Additional Features

Description  Cost Per Month
Inside Wire Maintenance $1.25
Call Waiting,  Select Call Accept, Select Call FWD, Select Call Reject $1.75$ each
Call Waiting and Cancel $2.00
Speed Dialing 8 (8 speed numbers) $1.50
Speed Dialing 30 (30 speed numbers) $2.00
Three-Way calling $3.00
Call Forwarding $1.50
Remote Call Forwarding $1.50
Caller ID, Name & Number $6.50
Call Waiting Caller ID Included in above Caller ID, if you have Call Waiting.
Distinctive Ringing $4.00

Voice Mail : click to view instructions: VOICEMAIL INSTRUCTIONS

*69 call feature


$.60 per call

Package Savings Plans

Description  Cost per Month 
1. Call Waiting / Call Forwarding and Speed Dial 8 $4.25
2. Call Waiting / Call Forwarding and Speed Dial 30 $4.75
3. Call Waiting and Three-Way calling $4.25
4. Call Waiting / Three-Way calling and Speed Dial 8 $5.75
5. Call Waiting / Three-Way calling and Speed Dial 30 $6.00
Click Here for calling feature information


Note: There is a 30.00 reconnect fee for nonpayment of services. See policies and procedures link, on about us page.

*Call Forwarding may be added to Packages 3, 4, or 5 for an additional charge: $1.00

** Caller ID may be added to any of the above packages for: $5.50

The Company will use reasonable diligence to furnish adequate and dependable services, but it cannot guarantee uninterrupted services nor always be able to provide every service desired by each individual customer.

The customers should be able to purchase all Telephone Service from the Company to the extent that the Telephone Service meets the needs of customers and is competitively priced.

Burke’s Garden participates in the Lifeline program see details in the link below:

Life customer info

National Do Not Call Registry
The Federal government created the national registry to make it easier and more efficient for you to stop getting telemarketing calls you don’t want.
You can register online at www.donotcall.gov or call toll-free,          1-888-382-1222     (TTY 1-866-290-4236), from the number you wish to register. Registration is free.