About Us

Burke’s Garden Telephone Company is an Investor-Owned Company Established in 1899.

Burke’s Garden Telephone Company strives to provide you with the best customer service possible. Our philosophy has always been to focus on customer satisfaction and unmitigated integrity. Our vision is to help you, the customer, with your needs and to be a dependable resource for all of your telecommunications needs.

  • Ron Levison, President, Chairman of The Board, CFO
  • Danny Vaughn, Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer of Technology-Board Member
  • Fred Lawless, General Manager
  • Missy Lynch, Company Secretary and Office Manager
  • Sarah Tiller, Treasurer
  • Sharon Rhudy, Administrative Assistant Associate
  • Leslie Rhudy, Manager Billing & Customer Service
  • Ralph Frye, Vice-President of External Affairs
  • Robin McCann, Board Member
  • Sharon Rhudy, Board Member
  • Pam Moss, Board Member
  • Shayna McGinnis, Board Member

Contacting Us:

  • Burke’s Garden Telephone Co.
  • 7044 Burke’s Garden Rd.
  • Tazewell, VA. 24651
  • Telephone 276-472-2345
  • Fax 276-472-2785

Telephone, Internet Repair, Call 472-2121 or email to repair@bgtco.net

Customer Service & Billing Call 472-2345 or email to billing@bgtco.net

Office Hours 9:30am to 1:30 Monday thru Friday.

Burke’s Garden Telephone Company is involved in the community!

Check out the organizations BGTCO supports:

Burke’s Garden Fire Department

Burke’s Garden Churches

Burke’s Garden Fall Festival

Family special needs

College Scholarships

                                         Terms and Conditions:                                                                              

BGTCO procedures-phone-internet policies PDF

Acceptable Use Policy

Lifeline Info

Fiber Service Battery Backup Notification

BGTRights Liabilities Doc