Add Unlimited Long Distance to the Extended Area calling plan for only $24.95.                                                 $19.95 when added to any bundle!!                           

Unlimited calling to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Not intended for data and commercial use. Burke’s Garden reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill usage charges, or cancel service without prior notice if Burke’s Garden determines that usage is not consistent with residential customer voice usage. Unlimited Long Distance available for $29.95 with any service not containing Extended Area Calling.

Crest TV — $80.60

Signature TV — $63.65

Premium Movie Channels click here


Internet click here

                Triple Play — Phone, Internet & TV
                Choose a plan that’s right for you. (Does not include local broadcast fees, surcharges or fees, extra Set top boxes, or features customer may want to add not listed below.)
TP 1 Movie Pak  $191.70
 Local Phone Service with Extended Community Calling (includes caller ID, call waiting with caller ID & call forwarding, & voice mail),  High-Speed Internet with Email Crest TV with Local Channels.
TP 2   $150.25
Local Phone Service with Extend Community Calling (includes caller ID, call waiting with ID & call forwarding & voice mail), HighSpeed Internet with email,  Crest TV with Local Channels.
Add Starz/Encore Movie Pak. – $161.25
Add HBO Movie Pak. – $166.75
TP 3  $136.25
Local Phone Service with Extended Community Calling( includes Caller ID, call waiting with ID and call forwarding & voice mail), High-Speed Internet with Email,  Signature TV with Local Channels
Add Starz/Encore Movie Pak. – $147.75
Add HBO Movie Pak, – $152.75

Duo Paks — TV & Phone Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Duo #1 Crest TV & Phone (Extended plan, All of Tazewell County, Caller ID, Call Waiting with ID, Call Forwarding & voice mail ) $111.20

Duo #2 Signature TV & Phone (Extended Plan, All of Tazewell County, Caller ID, Call Waiting with caller ID, Call Forwarding & voice mail) $97.25

Duo Paks — Internet & Phone.
Broadband standard speed is 15.0 Mbps down and 10.0 Mbps up. Duo #3 = 10.0 Mbps High-Speed Internet (with Email) and Local Phone Service (All of Tazewell County, Caller ID, Call Waiting, call forwarding & Voice Mail.)  $70.60
Higher Broadband speeds available.  TV install includes one “standard” Set Top Box free with any plan selection. A second, or more, would lease for $4.95 per month. The DVR set top box is not included in the standard install. The DVR box rental is $14.90. If a second (or more) DVR set top box(s) are required, it will lease for $9.95 per month.
All rates exclude applicable taxes, surcharges and franchise/broadcasting fees. All programming and rates are subject to change. Offers and services are subject to prior credit approval. Activation, installation and/or first month payment may be required. Other restrictions may apply.  Actual Internet connection speed may vary, if you are on DSL, due to various factors including network congestion and distance from subscriber to Burke’s Garden facilities. Fiber Broadband are not subject to this condition. Surge protection of your AC and telephone line is strongly recommended. Digital phone is not a lifeline service; therefore, operation may be interrupted due to power outage or other natural disasters. Standard install to one location included; contact Burke’s Garden for additional and full Terms and Conditions.